Charity Partnerships

Bond47 carefully selects its partners based on a variety of factors, including vision & commitment, results achieved, potential for long-term & sustainable impacts, and synergies with the Bond47 model. We work with a variety of charities from around the world to support a range of causes, ranging from cleft surgeries and pain relief for children with cancer, to human trafficking victims and bears farmed for their bile. With each cufflink you purchase, you make a tangible impact. Below is how. You decide.  

Animals Asia Foundation is campaigning to end cruelty to animals, including the barbaric practice of bear bile farming, which sees thousands of bears trapped in small cages and milked of their bile for traditional medicine. The foundation has rescued hundreds of bears and is rehabilitating them at its sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. Animals Asia works with governments at all levels for long-term change to public policy and legislation in the field of animal-protection and cruelty. 

Your Impact: Sponsor a rescued bear for a week and help end bear bile farming.
The Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre (HKRAC) strives to provide pro bono legal advice to the asylum seeking and refugee population of Hong Kong. In 2011, they provided free legal services to hundreds of beneficiaries, many of whom were victims of torture and required an interpreter to communicate. Many asylum seekers and refugees included children and others with serious vulnerabilities. 

Your Impact: Provide a session of legal aid for an asylum seeker or refugee and his or her family. 

Impoverished Children: Kibera is the largest urban slum in Africa and is often described by the community as “hell on earth”. There are an estimated 40,000 HIV orphans living in a state of extreme poverty, crime and disease. Impoverished children is a non-profit child development organisation committed to helping these children and their families in a holistic manner. They provide quality education and programs that cover nutrition, health, child protection, counselling, emergency response and family training. Impoverished Children is located within the slum with no intermediary person or organization working to break the cycle of poverty for its HIV-positive children. 

Your Impact: Educate, feed and give vital care to an HIV-positive child in the largest slum in Africa.

Mary's Meals is an international charity that sets up school feeding projects in some of the world’s poorest communities where hunger and poverty stop children from gaining an education. It provides one daily meal in a place of education in order to attract chronically poor children into the classroom where they gain an education that can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty. Mary’s Meals began by feeding 200 children in Malawi. Today they feed over 650,000 hungry children every day in 16 different countries across the world. 

Your Impact: Provide a daily meal for six months to a child in Liberia, Haiti or South Sudan.

Milaap is an online platform with a mission to connect the world with India's working poor through lending. Leveraging human intent and the internet, Milaap enables individuals to contribute to specific people in need--be it a student requiring tuition fees, an artisan requiring raw materials, or a family in need of clean water. 100% of your contributions go to the person in need and the money repaid would be re-loaned to another family, thereby multiplying the impact of your contributions. In a short span of 2 years, Milaap has impacted over 10,000 lives across eight states in India. 

Your Impact: Provide a year of drinkable water to a family in poverty in India. 
SmileTrain: More than 170,000 children are born with cleft lip or palate each year, leaving children unable to eat or speak properly, and oftentimes left to a life of shame and isolation. However, every single child with a cleft can be helped with a simple surgery that takes less than an hour. The problem is an economic one, not a medical one, and SmileTrain is working to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in the developing world. This past year SmileTrain provided over 120,000 free cleft surgeries in 87 countries. 

Your Impact: Help provide life-changing surgery for a child with cleft lip or palate.
unseen: Human trafficking, where people are exploited for sexual services or cheap labour, is the fastest growing form of international crime, generating $32billion annually. At any one time, 2.4 million people worldwide are victims. unseen was set up to support trafficking survivors, raise awareness of the problem, and help shape policies to stop it happening on a global scale. Picking unseen as your Bond47 Cause results in sponsoring a room in a safe house for a woman who has survived the horrific ordeals of human trafficking. Here she can access the essential care and support she needs to rebuild her dignity--and her life. With your help we can provide safety, hope and choice to survivors and work to protect future victims. 

Your Impact: Help sponsor a room, essential care and support for two weeks to a human trafficking survivor.
World Child Cancer: World Child Cancer improves cancer diagnosis, treatment and care for some of the world’s poorest children. For any parent, having a child diagnosed with cancer is one of the worst things imaginable, but for parents in low and middle income countries the diagnosis is made worse as survival rates are far lower than they should be. In many countries, survival rates are as low as 10% compared to 80% in high income countries. Even worse is the fact that many of these children are dying without even effective pain relief. You can help us to change that, as no child should suffer. 

Your Impact: Provide pain relief for a child with cancer in a developing country for two weeks.