How it works

With each Bond47 French-inspired cufflink you purchase, you decide the Bond47 Cause you want to support.

Before adding a Bond47 cufflink to your shopping cart, select the cause you support from the Bond47 Cause scroll down box. If your cufflink is a gift, simply select the gift option and let the person receiving your gift decide his or her cause later on. A list of our current charity partners and the respective Bond47 Cause can be found on our Charity Partnerships page.

Transparency is important to us. To verify your donation has been made with the appropriate charity, we need to be able to share customer information with the appropriate charity, and hence by purchasing a Bond47 cufflink you agree to let us share your information with our partners for donor verification purposes. We are in the process of upgrading our transparency system, but please contact us in the meantime at to check on the status of your donation and to verify the impact made.  

For logistical purposes and to not overwhelm our charity partners, we donate proceeds to our charity partners at the end of each financial quarter to make the causes selected by our customers a reality.